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Tylar Gallagher

Tylar Gallagher

Chief Leadership Officer & Director of Marketing

How has Johnson Insurance helped you in your career development? My role has transformed over the years – we always joke that I have blazed my own path. I started out doing general administrative responsibilities, to completing client reviews, to developing a marketing plan. And recently taking on a leadership role where I work on team building, making sure we are living our core values, holding each other accountable to the expectations we have set as a team as well as diving deep into our processes to ensure we are providing our clients with an exceptional experience. I also do strategic planning to make sure we are on track to reach our vision and goals. This wouldn’t have been possible without Greg’s belief in me to try new things and allowing me to grow. I hope my story inspires team members and future new hires to blaze their own paths.

What do you find the most challenging at Johnson Insurance? A lot of agencies either offer insurance or financial planning. We pride ourselves in offering it both – a one stop shop! This approach allows us to complete an in-depth assessment of our client’s situation and assist in all areas to make sure their hard-earned assets are properly covered, they are on track to retire happy, and able to properly pass assets to the next generation.

What drew you to Johnson Insurance originally? And how has Johnson Insurance changed since? At first it was just a job to be closer to home and flexibility to start a family, but now it’s a career. So much has changed since I first started. From yelling when someone called since we didn’t have intercom phones yet (this shy girl was not comfortable with that!) To growing our team, establishing Core Values and a Vision to guide us, developing a marketing plan to add value to current clients as well as bring on new prospects with the hope they will one day be clients. And the most recent change, sending employees home to work remotely.

What is your proudest moment at Johnson Insurance? The most recent would be this past year and the transformation of our team. Stepping into the leadership role came with it’s own challenges and pushback. No one enjoys change but seeing our team transform has been so worth it. I have received many compliments from team members acknowledging my ability to ask them questions during our 1-on-1's that gets them to think about things they never have thought about before. Those compliments mean the world to me. One of my life’s missions is to help others see the greater potential in themselves and take action even when the odds are stacked against them or the critic inside their head is telling them they can’t. I will always be there cheering them on and believing in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves.

What do you love most about the insurance and financial planning industry? I had no prior knowledge to this industry. But I quickly learned the importance of saving money young, compound interest is your friend! Also, the importance of talking to your family about your wishes. No one likes to talk about death, but I feel if you truly care for your loved ones you get past the uncomfortableness so you can share your wishes, inform them of your plan and ensure they will be taken care. Otherwise they are left with a mess, trying to figure it out while grieving.

What books are at your bedside? They start to pile up quickly! My goal is to read 2 – 4 books per month. I like to rotate categories (personal development, marketing, leadership, parenting & health), so I don’t get burnt out of a topic.

What do you like to do on your days off? Going to St. Louis Cardinals games or spending time at Lake of the Ozarks, where we love to swim, ride jet skis and boat.

What else do you do for fun? I love working out - lifting weights or running. I also like to play volleyball. Or just hanging with my neighbors, who are likeminded and have young kids.

What is on your bucket list? I want to complete the 29029 Everesting, which is where you hike up the mountain, take the gondola down and repeat until you reach a total of 29029 feet. You have 36 hours to complete this challenge. And travel!

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? I like taking cold baths!

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? I recently got certified to become a high performance coach aka life coach. Financially it was largest investment I ever made in myself beside purchasing the gym. It was a weeklong training in Arizona. I remember the morning of registration as I stood in line, I watched everyone around me hugging each other. It was like everyone knew everyone and I knew no one. I was terrified. I ended up sitting next to two amazing women who happened to be from the Midwest. I consider them two of my best friends and we talk weekly for our Zoom "MasterMind."

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