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Kristi DeRycke

Kristi DeRycke

Financial Paraplanner & Content Creator

What is your role at Johnson Insurance? And how does your role play a factor in the success of the company? I am a registered assistant who assists Greg in research on financial products and plans. I take pride in assisting Greg to find the best options to match the client situations. I am also responsible for pulling together resources and providing Greg with detailed information to assist him helping his clients in making their own financial decisions. My more recent role expansion has been to brainstorm topics that people may be interested in learning more about, completing the research and writing summary pieces for client education. 

What makes you proud to work at Johnson Insurance? There is a constant push to be the best, do the right thing every time and continue to learn new things to help clients.

How does the organization support your professional development and career growth? They have encouraged me to follow a dream, study for the Series 7 and finally sit for the exam. They have matched me with webinars, books and products to continue to advance my knowledge.

What are three words to describe Johnson Insurance? Small town values. Driven for high success. The desire to help others.

What drew you to Johnson Insurance originally? And how has Johnson Insurance changed since? I have always had a strong interest in personal finance, behavioral finance and investment outcomes. When I first told Greg I was interested in helping out part-time and that I had a real interest in this field he thought I was joking. 

Johnson Insurance has always had a strong interest in doing the right thing every time for their clients. We continue to update and streamline our processes for a more consistent and overall better client experience. Over the last couple years we have made it a priority to not only serve our clients but continue to educate and add value through blogs, videos, webinars and client events.

What's been your favorite project at Johnson Insurance? The variety is the spice of life and what I have loved about working here. Greg always says he will hire the right people and then find the right seat on the bus (team). I feel like just when I get a seat warmed up and start to settle in for the ride, I get moved to take on another seat.

What three career lessons you've learned thus far? Sometimes people can be their own worst enemy and we need to educate them on possible outcomes. If I have a question about something, someone else may also want information on it. You are never too old to learn something new.

Tells us a little bit about your family. I am married to Randy De Rycke. He farms with 3 generations of family. Farming as taught him to be a very patient man, but he has yet to teach me that trait. He farms with is son, Ryan, who is always quick to smile. Ryan truly found his soulmate young and married Emily 3 years ago. The hands-down best thing to come out of 2020 is our grandbaby, Levi. I am looking forward to watching him grow as they live in town.

What books are at your bedside? Financial books, motivational books, and murder mysteries by Mary Higgins Clark, John Grisham and James Patterson.

What is on your bucket list? Travel to as many place and other countries as possible.

Where would you like to travel to? Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Alaska and anywhere with a water view.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Live for the moment.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? Covid. It is really awful but is teaching me that we are not in control of anything (Derecho seconded it) so I am gradually learning to live in the moment.

What's something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? I am a pediatric occupational therapist for half the week and switch hats to do this the other half. I love the variety. I work with kids with special needs and they teach me things every day. Kids truly do live every day in the moment. They also laugh easily and find joy in the small things.

What inspires you? People that face obstacles and overcome them.