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Jon Garling

Jon Garling

Director of Property Casualty Client Services

What is your role at Johnson Insurance? My role here at Johnson Insurance is to service home, auto, atv, boat, farm and all commercial policies for our clients. Changes, claims, cancellations, quotes, applications and submissions - from policy beginning to end I help our agents process business on all (non-life) insurance lines of business. I assist customers directly with changes, billing and claims while their policy is in force. I help customers not only make sure their coverage is up to date but also know how their coverage works and ask the questions they don't think to ask. I pride myself on educating our customers on their policy when questions arise and ask the important questions to find out more about uncommon coverages they may not have thought about.

What is your favorite workplace tradition? We have these little cards we call BE GREAT cards, which is the acronym for our Core Values. Each week we can nominate team members who we see demonstrating our Core Values. During our weekly team huddle we recognize the recipients of the BE GREAT cards and what they did to receive it. It may sound like a waste of time, but we feel it's important to be noticed for your hard work and it also serves as a reminder to each of us to live and breathe our Core Values. When I am feeling down about something at work there are times, I will flip through the cards I have received to lift my spirits. Also, when we get 20, we get a monetary bonus. But really, it’s about being noticed by your peers.

What do you find the most challenging at Johnson Insurance? Johnson Insurance challenges each of our team members to push themselves to go above and beyond for our customers but also for ourselves. At times would be easier to do things the way they have always been done, but at Johnson Insurance we are always asking the question "How can we improve our client experience?”

What do you like most about Johnson Insurance? Johnson Insurance really is the most flexible work environment I have ever worked in. I am able to drop work to help my wife or kids at a moment’s notice and they understand. Since 2020 we have been working from home which allows me to be more present at home and work even when I am not feeling the best and just need a 'sweatpants day'. It also allows me to focus on important work without distraction. Most of all it's an environment of understanding that life outside of work is important. We work hard, but we also take time to enjoy have fun.

What drew you to Johnson Insurance originally? And how has Johnson Insurance changed since? To be honest, it was to be closer to home. But after interviewing, I understood immediately that this was an office with vision and a desire to be above the status quo. There was an energy to office work that is too often either not present or blatantly manufactured. This was a company that was going to succeed, and I wanted to be on board. That sentiment has not changed. We ARE going to succeed because we do the things other people take for granted or don't take the time to do.

What is your proudest moment at Johnson Insurance? Anytime I can use my relationships and expertise with companies to get a hard to place policy through. There have been some large accounts where I have had to use my personal contacts with a company to push past what would normally be a rejected policy due to this or that.

What does your workspace look like? My office sits just inside my basement walkout door so I can always see what is going on outside. My favorite feature is my standing desk - it allows me to get up and really focus on my work. I can listen to music - and yes, I do sing and/or dance because I am in my house and no one can judge me. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? Many of my friends live in the Des Moines area so to "hangout" we play computer games together. I like to read and watch movies - get lost in pretty much any story. I also like to travel, hike and be outdoors.

What books are at your bedside? I am on a quest to complete the entire Stephen King bibliography. I am about 75% done with all his works and reading them in no particular order. If you ever want to talk King books let me know.

What's your favorite meal? My Mom's Beef & Noodles. Roast Beef & Egg Noodles - that's it. It's simple but just so good every time.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren't doing this? I would like to manage a movie theatre.

Where would you like to travel to? Abbi and I are on a quest to hit all 50 states with the kids before they go to college. 2021 already has Texas, Utah and Arizona planned. We are also working remotely from South Carolina for a month. So where would I like to travel to?  The answer is everywhere.

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