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As a retiree or a pre-retiree you are entering what is to be the most enjoyable phase of your life.  Time with your family, travel as you want it, and maybe volunteering for the organization you have wanted to get involved in. 

However, you are now faced with the reality that you are no longer earning income to fund your activities.  Where will your money come from? How do you protect it from market volatility? How do you make sure you can pass your assets to the next generation without the internal revenue service taking too much of it?

All these questions come with strategies that provide you with the comfort you need to help live a more worry free retirement.


  • Income Distribution Plan *

    Knowing where your income is coming from and why is key to a happiness in retirement. Securing guaranteed lifetime income takes away the worry of market volatility and running out of money.
    Money Guide Pro Income Analysis
    Lifetime Income Annuities
    Bucket Strategy for Income Distribution

  • Wealth Transfer *

    Understanding how your money will pass to your beneficiaries keeps more of your money in your family. Spending the right dollars first to maximize tax efficiency is beneficial to your entire family.
    Life Insurance
    Required Minimum Distribution Planning

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    Implementing a plan for your long-term care needs can give you the comfort of staying independent and having the freedom of choice for your needs. It may include insurance or it may include self-funding, either way having a plan is what matters.
    Long-Term Care Insurance
    Asset Analysis
    Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits

  • Medicare Supplements

    Picking the right medicare supplement and prescription drug plans can save you money and give you comfort during your retirement years.
    Medicare Supplement Insurance
    Prescription Drug Plans

  • Social Security *

    Social Security makes up a large portion of retirement income and understanding how to maximize that income may lead to a worry free retirement.
    Social Security Analysis
    Money Guide Pro Income Analysis