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Want to know how we work with people just like you?  It's all laid out here. 

We make it as simple as we can, but this process is an ongoing endeavor and as your needs and wants change it is important that we stay up to date.

Step 1 - Schedule

All great things in life start with the first step.  

In order for you to become a client you need to schedule a time to visit with one of our associates. To schedule an appointment call our office at (319) 444-2255, email or click here.

Step 2 - Discover

We begin simply by getting to know you. Through conversation we develop a strong understanding of your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. During this stage we will make you fully aware of our capabilities and services, as well as set clear expectations of how the both of us will engage in this relationship. 

Step 3 - Build

No matter what your goals may be it is our job to create a plan that fits you and your situation.  We work with a wide scope of professionals to bring you the best product or service available.  We present our recommendations to you in a simple manner that is easy to understand and lay out the necessary steps to implement.  We mutually agree on a plan and complete the paperwork in an efficient manner.

Step 4 - Monitor

Once your plan is implemented our relationship has just begun. We continually monitor the progress of your financial plan to ensure it keeps working for you by meeting on a routine schedule. Your involvement remains crucial. Should you experience in life changes - we can discuss how your changing situation impacts your financial plan, and any necessary adjustments to keep your plan on track.