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Our approach to this business is pretty simple.  Every situation is different and should be treated accordingly.  You aren’t going to get a cookie cutter approach with our team. You are going to get a team that is built around 4 cornerstones.

  1. A promise to listen – Every day we hear horror stories about an insurance agent or investment advisor who didn’t really listen to their client’s wants, but just tried to sell a product for their benefit instead of the clients.  We have to get a true understanding of your situation before we can make any recommendations.
  2. An objective evaluation – Most people have an idea of what they are doing, but may not be sure they are on the right track.  We try to look at every situation and give a real evaluation of how you are doing. It’s why you are working with a financial professional in the first place so we believe strongly in being up front and honest about the truth.
  3. Build a Relationship – In our office we feel like our work is more than business it’s personal.  We take every situation as an opportunity to change someone’s life for the good. We establish a working relationship with our clients as we know their needs and wishes will change over time and if we aren’t there to help them who will.
  4. Commitment to Work with Others – Over the years we have found that working with your other professionals is much more beneficial than you trying to relay the information being shared with you from one to the other.  We work closely with many attorneys and accountants and even other financial professionals to make sure your best interests are being met.

Above all we are going to treat all of our clients with respect and integrity.  Growing up on the farm and in a small town we know the value of word of mouth and if we don’t hold up our end of the bargain we will find ourselves no longer in business.  This is a people business and job number one is to take care of the people.