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You work hard to provide for your family, save for retirement and stay ahead on debt payments. But you are constantly second guessing yourself, not sure if your taking the appropriate steps. Let our team help guide you through the process, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, with the people you love and worry less about your financial future and protecting your loved ones. 


  • Insurance Planning

    Protecting yourself against the worst case scenarios is the foundation of any financial plan. Our team helps you determine where your needs are the highest and provide the best suited solution for your family.
    Life Insurance
    Disability Insurance
    Health Insurance
    Home & Auto Insurance
    Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Retirement Savings *

    Once your foundation is set with insurance plans, we start working on the accumulation stage of your financial plan which is saving money for the short and long-term events in your life. If you have the time, the expertise, and the desire to do this research on your own you may not need an advisor, but if you are like most of families and individuals you don’t have all three of those and that’s where Johnson Insurance can help.
    Money Guide Pro Retirement Analysis
    Roth IRA
    401k Rollovers
    Traditional IRA

  • College Savings *

    College is expensive and if helping your child attend college is important to you starting early is the best thing you can do. The average costs of attending the University of Iowa is $22,607 and the average costs of private college is much higher. Our team can assist you in building a plan to address these goals.
    Money Guide Pro College Savings Analysis
    529 Plans
    Coverdell IRA

  • Retirement Distribution *

    You have reached a stage in life to enjoy your loved ones and do what you want verse doing what you have to. The key to a worry free retirement is understanding where your income is coming from and why. Our team helps you assemble an income distribution plan to meet your needs and maximize your lifestyle.
    Money Guide Pro Income Analysis
    401k Rollovers
    Investment Services