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College Planning

Making College Dreams a Reality

Making College Dreams a Reality

Like most people, you have dreams for your children and know the importance of a college education in making those dreams a reality. Today, the average cost of attending the University of Iowa is $22,607 (with room & board), and the average cost of Buena Vista University where Greg attended is $43,343 (with room & board).

Although paying for college usually comes from a number of sources (federal loans, grants, and scholarships), saving as early as possible is more important than ever. Saving for college can seem overwhelming, but every contribution you make toward your child’s education adds up over time. The important thing is that you start saving and stick to your plan.

Below are two examples of college funding. One is for a private college, and the other is for a state university, putting away $200 each month per child. The examples illustrate the funding necessary for each and at different stages in your child’s life. Johnson Insurance understand the need for proper planning and good investment choices. Let us help you get started.

Sample Report for College Plan to Buena Vista University

Sample Report for College Plan to University of Iowa