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Small business owners face many challenges daily.  From staying up to date on changes in the insurance industry, deciding what kind of retirement plan to put in place, attracting and keeping key employees, or figuring out what to do with their business when they want to retire. 

The professionals at Johnson Insurance can help a business owner take care of all their financial needs with one relationship making it easier for them to focus on their businesses day to day operations.



  • Commercial Insurance

    Protecting your company’s assets and reducing liability at an affordable price. The professionals at Johnson Insurance can assist you in determining which of the following products is best for your business.
    General Liability Insurance
    Property Insurance
    Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Group Benefits

    Group insurance plans can attract and retain key employees. Our team of professionals offer the following plans of insurance.
    Group Health
    Group Life
    Group Disability

  • Retirement Plans *

    Employer sponsored retirement plans make up the bulk of employee’s retirement savings. Johnson Insurance helps you navigate which of the following plans works best for you.
    Simple IRA
    Payroll Deduct IRA

  • Key Employee Retention

    Attracting and retaining key employee’s helps your business continue its success. Johnson Insurance can assist you with the following ways to help.
    Deferred Compensation Plans
    Key Person Insurance

  • Business Continuation or Transition

    Businesses who have continuation or transition plans in place are more profitable and sustaining as they give their customers assurance that their business can continue. Our team can assist with the following services for your business.
    Buy Sell Agreements
    Retirement Buy Out Plans
    Business Valuations