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6 Ways To Sneak In A Workout (Even When You're Crazy Busy)

| October 21, 2019

Once you have made the decision to start working out, the next challenge becomes fitting exercise into your daily routine. Your life is hectic enough. Finding the time can be stressful. Here is a list of ways you can start incorporating exercise into your hectic lifestyle without having to compromise anything.

Have A Fitness Plan: I always tell my clients to treat their workouts like an appointment – get them on the calendar, so they don’t get skipped. Create a fitness plan by scheduling every day of the week, which allows you to focus on when you can workout. Remember things will come up and you may have to skip a session, so be flexible. But by writing out a plan, makes it more formal and you will be more likely to commit to it and stick to it.

Early Morning Exercise: One of the best ways to guarantee you will get your workout in is by doing it first thing in the morning. Set your alarm 30 – 60 minutes earlier and do your workout before you head to work/school. This might include a quick run or perhaps a strength training circuit at home or at the gym. Completing your workout in the morning is a great energy-booster and will start your day with a healthy bang.

Alternatively make time at the end of the day if it suits you more. Some people really enjoy a trip to the gym after work. Just make sure you pack your gym bag before you leave the house, so you can go straight to the gym after work.

Make Your Commute To Work Your Workout: Take advantage of the warmer months and utilize your commute to work as your exercise for the day. Instead of taking a car to work, try walking, running or cycling. It’s an easy and extremely effective way of generating time to exercise that you didn’t think you had.

Use Your Lunch Break To Exercise: If you live miles from work then turning your commute into a workout isn’t practical, but how about using your lunch break to exercise? Pack a gym bag and head to the gym if you have one nearby or go for a walk or run outside. Another great workout while at work would be taking the stairs. Try to gradually increase your speed and the number of stairs you take in one minute. Take two steps at once if you are able to safely – this will target your glutes even more.  A lunchtime workout is a great way to re-energize for the day as well as taking a mental break from your computer and phone.

Exercising At Home: There really is no excuse not to workout because you can do it without leaving your house. There are so many online workouts and videos, that allow you to have a fitness coach right in your living room. Home gym equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells, mats, small weights and stability balls make it easy to organize your time and effort. Allowing you to complete your workout around family/home life.

Workout With Friends: Having a workout buddy is a great way to make sure you are fitting exercise into your life. It’s motivating and inspiring to be with others who share a passion for fitness and who have a similar ability level and can motivate you to push yourself to new levels. You will be less likely to skip a session if you know you are letting someone else down.

Remember something is better than nothing. Even if it’s only a half hour, getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes will be better from a healthy and fitness perspective, than lying on the couch watching TV.